It's about time!

Wherever you happens to be in Italy after 6-7 p.m. enter a bar, take a sit or stand at the bar counter. It’s aperitivo time. A tradition created by Antonio Carpano with Vermouth in Turin and dates back to 1786.

From a spritz to a glass of wine, beer or the most sophisticated cocktail, “l’Aperitivo” is an ummissable ritual moment before dinner or instead of it. It depends on how rich appetizers will be! The Italian capital for aperitivo is definitely Milan but all around the peninsula, you will find the right place for your drink.MILAN: Taste a creative cocktail at the Botanical Club of Milano, the the first Italian Small Batch Gin distillery or a glass of Ribolla Gialla the historical enoteca-winebar Ombre Rosse.
TURIN: go straight to the smallest bar of the city, the round Bar Barolino Cocchi, to taste a vermouth, the aromatized, fortified wine flavored with various roots, flowers, seeds, herbs, spices...
BOLOGNA: one fo the oldest Universitiy created a young city with thousand of studens coming from all over Italy and even from abroad. So let’s exprience Osteria del Sole, established since 1465, where you can order a glass of wine and bring with you your food, cooked at home or bought elsewhere.