Alive and Kicking

Borghi più belli d'Italia  is an association of small Italian villages (= Borghi). Founded in 2001 is focused on preservation of small towns villages selected for their specific historical or cultural heritage, unique urban structure, artistic repository, authentic traditions, origianal food.

But the historical legacy is not enough to be enlisted in the Club. Villages must show their commitment to preserve their legacy through concrete actions and exchange of best practices, to keep the villages alive, especially by taking care of people who live in. Among them culture and food events, naturalistic and sustainable tourism, revamping of artisanal skills and traditions. These villages, more than 250, are spread all over Italy from Alps to Sicily and can make up wonderful itineraries by region, type of landscapes, historical period, etc.. Far from the crowd of Venice, Florence or Rome, you will discover another Italy. Take a look a our Travel ideas section.