The Art of Shaping Beauty

Artcrafting glass, marble, silk, wood, clay, paper, silk and cotton, silver and gold, leather and cuir etc, to make useful tools or home decor, musical instruments, clothes, laces, hats, shoes and bags, jewels, pottery. Tailor made, on demand, on client's request are recent words for a long standing Italian tradition: the art of shaping material and making beautiful things.

Combination of tradition and digital technologies is giving new life to craftmanship in Italy. A key to visit contemporary Italy based on ancient roots and set up different itineraries. Jewellery can design your travel from Alessandria district to Vicenza and then Arezzo in Tuscany for gold and silver, until Napoli district for cameos and coral. Shoes link fashionable Milano to the heart of Le Marche in Fermo and surroundings where there is the best expertise making shoes. Pottery would mean a full tour of Italy but it'better to make a choice focusing on Centre Italy from Faenza to Urbania, from Deruta to Montelupo. Tailoring is a direct line from Milan to Florence, Rome and Napoli: a perfect dress for a natural fit, tailor made of course! Just a taste of the original Made in Italy.