Pistoia, a Lonely Planet must-to-see cities

The legend fixed its foundation in 1277. For sure after the Black Death of 1348, the Ceppo dei Poveri (meaning a trunk to donate offers to the poors) became the most important hospital in Pistoia and one of the most important in Tuscany. After moving the hospital to a new and modern building, the Ceppo re-opened in 2016 as Museum focused on healthcare, just in time to celebrate Pistoia as 2017 Italian Capital of Culture .

An accurate restoration gave a new life to Il Ceppo, its Renaissance Loggia and moreover to the amazing Dalla Robbia freize in glazed ceramic. An original display of historical surgery tools created the Museum of Sanità (=healthcare). From here starts the discovering of this green and underrated tuscan town. Artcraft traditions for metal ancient and contemporary jewellery, interior design, textile and embroidery make up an off baten track tour of the town. Pistoia Blues and Dialogue on Man Festival create wonderful opportunities to visit Pistoia for music lovers and fond of culture and philosophical events. Not to mention the surroundings: historical villas, Apennines landscape and tracks, Francigegna trails, the flowers tradition in Pescia, the Liberty hotel and the thermal baths in Montecatini, the lands of Pinocchio by Collodi deserve your time and holidays.