A Green Jewel Twice as Large as Central Park

15 km far from Milano, the largest walled park in Europe is a surprising place, a green oasis crossed by river Lambro, studded with villas, farms, stone bridges, a tiny lake, ancient mills, a Royal Palace with its gardens and... a motor racing track dating back to 1922, still hosting the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

An accurate restoration of the Royal Villa, commissioned by Empress Maria Theresa to Piermarini in 1777, the architect of La Scala, sparked a new light on this enchating place. 700 hectares and 14 km of walls are not enough to imagine the beauty of this public property. Relaxing, walking, riding, biking, admiring the foliage in autunm or early spring all long the river Lambro, playing golf in a magical atmosphere where you come across a farm where buying fresh milk, a XIX mill, a rose garden, a library, an exhibition, giant trees, a lake with swans and ducks, hares and squirrels, birds ... The track of the Formula Grand Prix is also hosting music events and meetings like the one with Pope Francis next March 26, 2017.