A Peculiar Sytle for Industrial Revolution

River Adda is the most scenographic and rushing Italian river, a key natural resource for ancient times, for Leonardo's studies and Industrial revolution. Because of that all along the river connected to Milano thorugh a system of canals, it became a perfect "fuel" for building power plant transporting energy to Milano, its trams and street lamps.

Among them and still operational, there is CENTRALE BERTINI, opened on September 28, 1898, near the rapids of Paderno D'Adda. At the time, It was the most important plant with Edison turbines in Europe and the second in the world after the Niagara Falls's . Built "à la mode" of the Lombardy eclectic style it has paving mosaic perfectly preserved and is part of an amazing discovering tour of a "poetic" approach to engineering and big plants so typical of River Adda. A mixing of nature, brave engineers, rushing water, Leonardo's studies about Adda and an enduring idea of making beautiful things.