Small Villages for a Grand Tour

An Itinerary among the Most Beautiful Borghi of Lombardy

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  • Rivers, Canals and Lakes
  • Castles, Abbeys, Squares
  • Local Folklore
  • Ancient Crafts
  • Original Food
  • The Landscape of Pianura Padana
  • Peculiar Museums


One week for 20 villages

Day 1.
5 Borghi close to Milano

Tremezzina: enjoy lake Como by visiting this village made up of smaller borghi: the most famous in front of the lake with Villa Carlotta, 3 up to the hills where walking among lanes, arches, and ancient churches. Cassinetta di Lugagnano: a land fo water perfect for quite bikers all along the Naviglio where wonderful villas fo delight can be visited for free with local guides. Morimondo: "moritur mundus" it is a green oasis where visiting one of the oldest cistercian abbeys, one of the first example of gothic style in Italy. A perfect place for a lombard lunch: risotto plus casseoula with polenta. Fortunago and Zavattarello: 2 villages to discovering Oltrepo Pavese among vineyards woods and castles.

Meals included: lunch

Day 2.
5 Borghi among Lake Iseo and mountains

Cornello del Tasso: close to Bergamo this tiny village deserve a visit, here the local museum tells the story of Tasso family and its invention of the postal service and the tradition that Arlecchino mask was born here. Lake Iseo with Monte Isola and Lovere: the first is a small island in the centre of lake also known for the tradition of making fishing nets, the second is located on the west bank of the lake and a perfect stop before reaching the mountain. Casoncelli, polenta, mais cakes will make a very typical lunch. Grumo and Bienno: among Bergamo and Brescia district leave times for trekking and caving, fishing and photo-hunting and visiting the open air museum of Bienno and its tradition for artistic tradition of crafting stones and iron.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 3.
2 Borghi for Lake Garda

Gardone Riviera and Tremosine: 2 different points of view for lake Garda, a piece of Mediterranean in northern Italy. All along the with Gardone, its botanic gardens and Vittoriale, with a brethtaking view embracing the whole lake with Tremosine, the ancient etruscan tremusina. Lunch based on fish and extra olive oil of Garda. Then enjoy the lake!

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 4.
Lake Garda

Then take a rest for a sunbath on the beaches among lemon, olive oil, cypresses trees and smell the flamboyant flowers. Take a ferry to explore the lake from Riva to Sirmione, the Lombard and Venetian banks, the villas and castles.

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 5
5 Borghi in Mantua district

Castellaro Lagusello: a castle and a tiny lake, a bucolic atmosphere ispiring the latin poet Virgilio who was born in the surroundings. San Benedetto Po: a large square welcome the visitor and introduce the Monastery of Polirone, a masterpiece transformed by Giulio Romano, with frescos by Correggio, beloved by Matilda di Canossa and linked to Montecassino and Cluny Abbeys. Grazie: named from the Sancutary of Holy Mary of Grace is close to the Natural Reserve of Mincio river, a wetland with an international reputation that helps creating a magical place among canals and protected birds. Sabbioneta: UNESCO site with Mantua, one of ideal town of Renaissance. Pomponesco: the scenografic square beloved by film writers and directors like Zavattini and Bertolucci, River Po, the Palazzi and the small jewish cemetary. Eating in this area is mandatory: local food is among the best in Italy, mixing aristocratic and popular tradition, tortelli with pumpkins, apples and amaretti, the famous cake of tagliatelle, asparagus and beans sopus, goergeous fruit, cheese and peculiar salami, sweet and cakes with almonds, nuts and butter. So that lunch and dinner are included in this day.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6
3 Borghi in Cremona district

Castelponzone: among the plain hedged by plopars and River Po, the arcades, the "strettini", narrow lanes and the rope, an artisanal tradition celebrated by the local Museum. Soncino: a walled village with a spectcular castle, an amazing jewish heritage in the House of Printing where the Soncino's family, printed the first complete Hebrew Bible in 1488. Don't miss a lunch here to discover the peculiar bitter roots, excellent for a detox diet but also tasting with sausages and a glass of red wine. Gradella: on the way back to Milano stop in this rural Borgo, a wonderful village with its historical farms, a landascape with long row of trees hedging the canals and the fields, the fontanili (resurgences) so typical in Pianura Padana, a magical land of water. In this area Cheese is king, the local diary school celebrates this art with a competition rewarding the best cheese of the year. Don't miss a tasting experience.

Meals included: Breakfast, Light Lunch, Cheese Tasting Experience

Day 7

Your tour ends where began: in Milano. Take a day of walking, relaxing in parco Sempione, shopping in local market or in the fashionable shops of the city center, take an aperitif all along the Navigli and say goodbye to Lombardy!

Meals included: Breakfast


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